Creativity+business sense = ammunition.

I’ve worked on both sides of the fence – the agency side, and the corporate side. I believe this has given me an added edge – understanding how creativity could help raise the bar whilst lending marketability and budget sense to the equation.

At the end of the day, it is all about creating results. Results that embody what the client needs and hopes to achieve. Creating a memorable brand presence through words and brand focus. And along the way, build a positive partnership that stands the test of time.

The following illustrate some of my work and my commitment to give all, and express all, through the world of creativity, and that ever-expressive written word. You can also have a quick view of what I do via my Creative Portfolio: Wanis S Shurts-Creative Portfolio v2.2 (interactive).

Brand Communications
Golden Hope Plantations (M) Bhd
Annual Report
Corporate Ads
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Environmental Report

MISC Berhad
– Marketing Folders

Sapura Group of Companies
Group Brochure & Business Unit Brochures

Symphony Group of Companies
Corporate Ads
Brand Communications Collateral

Golden Hope Plantations (M) Berhad
The Golden Hope Story (1844-2007)

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd
10 Years of Honda Malaysia’s Challenging Spirit

MPH Publications & Canvas Art Sdn Bhd
Everlasting Friendship: Malaysia & China

Artist Soraya Yusof Talismail
Imaging Selfs: New York by Soraya Yusof Talismail

Labuan IBFC Foundations
Truly One of its Kind in Asia 

Redpoint Technologies, Chicago (now part of SPR Group)
Thinking Out of the Box 2.0

Corporate Videos
Intellect Group of IP Companies – Penang, Malaysia
Corporate Video
– IPeople
IPeople of Intellect (motion graphic video)
Intellect Franchise (motion graphic video

Short Film
Rising One Media Sdn Bhd – Penang, Malaysia