Listening creates results and persuasion helps too.
Hypnosis is the last resort.

Before you balk in fear, no, I do not know hypnosis. I am however, extremely persuasive. When I meet my clients/partners, I listen to what they need. I also ask questions. “Which company would you benchmark against?” “How would you like to be portrayed?” What is your story?”

I then go back, research, and design the best plan of action to carry the message across. I read up on their financial performance and milestones. I look at what is in the market. And then I present what I think will work best.

Most of my clients in the past have agreed on my strategies. We have created wonder together.

For a small few, I use a swinging hand clock.


The following are clients/partners that I’ve worked with (via agencies or directly) in Malaysia.

HSBC Malaysia
–      HSBC Premier Ad (Customer Magazine)
MCIS Zurich
–      MZ Apprenticeship Programme Ad
Guidance Financial Group
–     Corporate Ads

annual reports
BIMB Holdings Bhd (Bank Islam)
–      2006
Golden Hope Plantations Bhd
–      2006
KFC Holdings Berhad
–      2008
Kulim (M) Berhad
–      2006
MISC Berhad
–      year end 2011 (2012), 2011 (Creative copy only)
PLUS Expressways Berhad
–      2006
QSR Brands Berhad
–      2008
Symphony Group of Companies
–      2007, 2008

ASLI (Asian Strategic Leadership Institute)
–      50 Years of Excellence (selected Businesses/Sections)
Golden Hope Plantations Bhd
–      The Golden Hope Story (1844-2007)
Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd
–      10 Years of Honda Malaysia’s Challenging Spirit
MPH Publications & Canvas Art Sdn Bhd
–      Everlasting Friendship: Malaysia-China
PETRONAS Chemicals Olefins, PETRONAS Chemicals Glycols & PETRONAS Chemicals Derivatives (formerly known as Optimal Group of Companies)
–      The 10th Anniversary Chronicles
Soraya Yusof Talismail
–      Imaging Selfs: New York
MISC Bhd & Malaysian Navy
–     Op Fajar: The Malaysian Success Story In The Gulf of Aden

brand communications
Denney & Denney (M) Sdn Bhd
–      Marketing Brochures
–      Website
Fasta Pasta Restaurants Sdn Bhd
–      Restaurant Menus
–      Monthly/Seasonal Dish Promotions
–      Dessert Menu Cards
–      Website
–      Corporate Brochure: Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM)
–      Corporate Website
–      Website: Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM)
Symphony House Group
–      Congratulatory Ad
–      Corporate Ad
–      Corporate Leaflet
–      Event Road Show Promotional Fixtures & Items
–      Quarterly Awards Ceremony
–      Quarterly Newsletter
Denney & Denney (M) Sdn Bhd
–      Marketing Brochures
–      Website
ICB Financial Group Holdings AG
–      2012 Calendar

brand identity (design)
Danajamin Nasional Berhad
–      Logo, Letterhead, Envelops, Name Cards
Qi Holistic Therapies
–      Logo, Letterhead, Poster, Leaflet, Website

Halal Development Corporation
–      Corporate Brochure
Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM)
–      Corporate Brochure
Noblehouse International Trust Ltd
–      Corporate Brochure
Sapura Group
–      Group Corporate Brochure
–      Sapura Industrial Corporate Brochure

corporate social responsibility (csr) & environmental reports
MISC Berhad
–      Annual Report year end 2011 (2012), Annual Report 2011
Golden Hope Plantations Bhd
–      Annual Report series 2006 (separate report)
Kulim (M) Berhad
–      Annual Report 2007

folders – marketing, products, etc
Almer Malaysia Sdn Bhd
–      Product Folder
MISC Bhd (Marketing)
–      Chemical Business
–      Integrated Logistics Business
–      LNG Business
–      Offshore Business

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
–      The Link Newsletter
Symphony House Group
–      Group Newsletter

Plus Asiajaya Sdn Bhd
–      Lumut Hotel Project

scriptwriting – corporate videos, product launches
DTM Technology (M) Sdn Bhd
–      Corporate Video
Intellect Group of IP Companies
–      Corporate Video, IPeople Video, IPeople motion graphics, Franchising motion graphics
Lourve Group (Singapore & Malaysia)
–      Work Process Video
SME Corp Malaysia

–      The National Mark of Malaysian Brands Launch Video


short film
Rising One Media
–      ‘Home’ 

Star Cruises
–      Advertorials
–      SuperStar Libra/SuperStar Gemini Guide 2013
–      Press Ads
–      Rate Cards

Denney & Denney (M) Sdn Bhd –
MISC Bhd –
Malaysian Maritim Academy –
ICE Petroleum Group –
Qi Therapies –