knowledgedevelopers | technologydrivers.

Established in 1975, Sapura Group of Companies (Sapura Group) has expanded from a telecommunications infrastructure and services provider to a multinational with diversified businesses. Due to their progression as a Group over the years, Sapura Group experienced a rebranding exercise that helped express the Group’s aspiration and growth into four major business segments – Oil & Gas, Secured Technologies, Industrial & Automotive Manufacturing, and Knowledge & Technology. A new Group Brochure (as well as subsequent brochures for various other business segments) were created as part of their rebranding focus. Titled “knowledgedevelopers | technologydrivers”, this corporate brochure captured the essence of the Sapura brand, expressing their voice and their vision towards being the region’s leading Knowledge and Technology group.

Agency  Denney & Denney
Client  Sapura Group of Companies
Year  2007