wanisAdding color to the grey. Creating passion where once there was none.

Copywriting does that – creates desire; a hunger to explore, try, or even be a product or brand. It explores the ability to emote – build dreams, create hope, melt hearts, through words. It is about bringing words to life.

That is what I do. I bring words to life.

I give companies the wings to fly; I breathe life into products. I help build dreams. 

I am a dedicated creative professional with more than 18 years of below-the-line (BTL) industry experience. I help businesses thrive. My copywriting and brand experience include works in Brand Communications, Creative Writing, Brand Strategies, MarketingBrand Building and  Corporate Videos  (content development and scriptwriting).

I’ve worked on both sides of the fence – the agency side, and the corporate side. I believe this has given me an added edge – understanding how creativity could help raise the bar whilst lending marketability and budget sense to the equation.

At the end of the day, it is all about creating results. Results that embody what the client needs and hopes to achieve. Creating a memorable brand presence through words and brand focus. And along the way, build a positive partnership and friendship that stand the test of time.

The following pages illustrate some of my work and my commitment to give all, and express all, through the world of creativity, and that ever-expressive written word.

Services    My capabilities as a Freelance Sr. Copywriter and Brand Strategist

Portfolio   Some of the work I’ve done thus far

Clients   A list of the clients and partners I’ve worked for and with over the years