A packet of Skittles is not the only place you can get bits of rainbow.

My late father was an extremely talented Malaysian photographer/painter/artist.

I have what I believe is 20% of his talent (and this is me being optimistic).

Ok, maybe a tad more but I do not think I can make a profession out of my paintings, sketching, doodles. It is however a great outlet for me to express myself. Or express disdain. Or express horror. Disdain and horror have not yet reached the canvas. I don’t think they ever will. I don’t do morbid rants and morose prose that well.

Ah, I digress.

I am still very new at painting with acrylics. I do wish to move on to oil one day, but for now, exploring with acrylics is my mode of choice at the moment.

Plus, the brushes are way easier to clean. I’m not sure I can handle the hassle that comes with oil. Yet. But with guts come glory, so dabble in oil I must. Those grand old guts will pay me a visit one day.


A sketch of my daughter Nena, done based on a photo of her at 4.

Lotus, my 2nd acrylic piece.

The Gentle Giants – pencil and oil pastel on paper.

Tri Colori – acrylic on canvas (with molding paste)

Purple Iris – acrylic on canvas