sauce spots

I have a soft spot for all things yummy.
All things yummy have also left spots all over me.

Body of work jokes aside, cooking for me is therapy in its finest form. When stressed out, when deliriously happy, whenever I’m hungry – I cook. I love bringing smiles through that swirl of a ladle. Sweating over a stove,wreaking havoc; moving like a cyclone on a caffeine high; lettuce in hand and kitchen towel on me shoulder – it is all worth it. The magic is stronger when I cook for people I love. From a simple meal to more elaborate hours-on-end ones, I love sitting down to a meal prepared with love and that ever present ‘hope this turns out great’ sense of happy expectation.

Since my little trip to Geneva, Illinois, I’ve been whipping up more and more dishes. New experiments, a twist on old favorites – it is a happy constant. Back in Malaysia, I continue my whip-happy madness.

Some people would ask, “Why go to all that trouble?”

My reply? “Why not?” “All the money in the world can’t buy love in every spoonful.” (At least, that’s what my mind has been trained to think.  Adria and Puck would beg to differ.)

I’m just a home cook who loves to cook and experiment. It is one of the avenues where I challenge myself. Life is so precious, so embrace it and learn. Learn and learn till our last breath, I say.

The best part about this learning process is the end result. Yummo!

“Brioche anyone? ;)

Sauce Spots
My first recipe share/blog on all things delicious is on Pad See Ew. More to come hopefully. when I have the time to spare (and my fingers are not entangled in a sauce pot or other.)

It’s been a year since I posted this. And I still have not found the time to blog and share recipes.